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Frequently Asked Questions

Martin’s Disposal – Frequently Asked Questions

  Holidays:  We are generally closed on holidays when the landfill is closed.  You will still be serviced during the holiday weeks depending on what day the holiday falls on; your normal service day will be moved either a day early or a day behind with regular schedule resuming the following week.

Closed Holidays: New Year Day, Good Friday, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, and Christmas.

Pickup: Dumpsters are empty once a week usually on the same day, the time may vary. Do not park in front of the dumpster or obstruct the area required for our truck to service and to pull up alongside of the dumpster.  If driver is unable to get to dumpster for those reasons you will be skipped that week. We will not make special trips to empty dumpsters due to them being blocked.

Billing:  Customers may receive a monthly invoice which is billed at the first of every month. If you are on automatic payment through a debit/ credit card you will not receive monthly invoices unless requested. Customers can also receive your invoice via email if desired please let us know.

Due Date: All invoices are billed at the first of the month and due by the 16th of that month. Payment that are not received by due date are subject to a late fee and will be billed that late fee on the next month’s invoice. Accounts not paid by the end of the month will be sent a delinquent letter/invoice requesting past due payment and as well as current month of service by the 10th of that month or service will be suspended and dumpster revoked. Contact us prior to due date to make a one-time payment arrangement.

Payment Option: Martin’s Disposal takes check, money order or credit card payments. You may mail payment in envelopes sent with invoice, call in payment with credit card at no charge or we have a drop box at location.  We ask that if you drop payment in drop box place in envelope with name on account written on the outside of envelope to know what account to apply payment to.

Dumpster location:  We try to set the dumpster where it works for you and works for us.  Our trucks are large and do not make tight turns, back into traffic, or go under low power lines, etc.  We will do our best to accommodate you and keep us safe.

Locks: A locking mechanism can be provide for you to secure your container if you wish for a $5.00 monthly charge. Driver will have a key as well as yourself so your dumpster will remain locked at all time.

Prohibited Items NOT Allowed in Dumpsters:  Roofing material, construction material, wood, concrete, rocks, gravel, dirt, batteries, metal, hazardous chemicals, tires, oil, grease,  pallets, furniture and appliances. Fines will be assessed for prohibited items in dumpster and service will be skipped for the week. Continuing to place prohibitted items in dumpster will cause for termination of services.  Items that are not permitted or too large for the dumpster should be disposed of in some other appropriate way. Call us and we can give you a price to haul of these items separately.

Other:  Try to keep lids closed at all times, this helps contain trash in the dumpster, keeps animals out, and keeps the trash dry in case of rain. No one should be allowed to play, climb on, into, or around dumpsters. Please do not move dumpsters from placement area without permission.

With our help, you’ll be able to get rid of household trash and debris quickly and easily. Our team takes pride in what we do. We are dedicated to your needs and ready to exceed your expectations. Let us make your life simpler. Don’t wait – Call Us Today.